**Note: all tweets are still linked to the We the Humanities Twitter account, so the names and pictures will change each week as the account curation rotates to a new user**

My final day as curator of We the Humanities was quite laid back and fancy free.  The main topic I shared during the day was the results of my We the Humanities Canadian Museum Workers’ Survey in which I asked Canadian museum workers some questions about the state of the museum industry.  11 people responded, 8 from BC likely due to my connections with the industry in this province.  As the responses were anonymous, it is easiest to direct you to the Twitter feed where I go through each question and their public-censored answers.  See all the results here.

It took three hours to pre-schedule all the tweets on Hootsuite and just over six hours for all the results to go out with a tweet every five minutes.  What a process, but lots of fun to go through all the results.  Thanks to all who responded and shared the survey!

As it was my last day at the helm, it was already time to look forward to Charlotte Mathieson and her week talking Victorians, literature, Victorian literature, and much more.

This was also perhaps the most exciting thing to come out of the day:

The rest of the evening was devoted to trying to cram out these recap blogs (which I didn’t quite get done) and saying my thank yous to Jess and Kristina (founders of We the Humanities), the Museum of Vancouver, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, and The Rooms for their sponsorships, and to all my new friends on Twitter.

It was a really interesting experience curating the account for a week, I learned lots and probably tried to do too much, but overall it was definitely worth it.  Check out We the Humanities to learn more!

And thanks so much for all the kind words from everyone including the WTH admins!