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After a slower Day 5, Day 6 was a cracker (that’s for the British followers)!

We looked at exhibits and technology, specifically technology in exhibits.  This could take any form, tech used in exhibit displays, people using tech in exhibits, exhibits only available through tech, etc.  Museums today still have collections, and collections go on display in exhibits.  It’s how most people engage with the museum, even with today’s online world.  Right?  …Right?  What has changed in exhibits over the past few decades?  How has technology impacted the way audiences look at (on-site) museum collections?  How does social media come into play?

One interesting element of the day was being able to pass along some comments from Bianca M. from Andre and Associates Interpretation and Design Ltd.  Andre and Associates Interpretation and Design Ltd. creates exhibits all around the world and Bianca has worked for them as an exhibition designer for 30 years.

Others also chimed in on this topic of tech in exhibits.

…Which quickly escalated into a heated discussion about the value of technology and the use of cameras in museums.  A big thanks to my friend Justine who sparked it all!  Here are some highlights and links:

I also apparently introduced the We the Humanities crowd to Selfie Sticks.  I’m so sorry…

Random stuff: