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Day 5 at We the Humanities was all about events!

…Well, it was going to be.  It relates somewhat to Day 1’s discussion about programming, but I wanted to know what events museums run?  What works and what doesn’t?  What were the tweeters’ favourite non-traditional museum visit?  How can small museums run successful events without a big museum’s budget?

So, because I had my head knocked off two days before in ball hockey and because we had already talked quite a bit about events, today was a bit off-schedule and random.

Yes, that random…

4921538549_1ff4f7a987_zThis was also the final day of We the Humanities being sponsored by a Canadian museum.  Today I was thrilled to welcome The Rooms, the Provincial Archives, Art Gallery and Museum of Newfoundland and is found at the complete opposite end of the Trans-Canada Highway (about 7000km away via various Google Maps routes).  The Rooms graciously provided an ornament of the S.S. Thetis for our third giveaway, and given that Highway 1 (the Trans-Canada) is a great road trip I asked people to give me their best road trip destinations.  Congrats to Matthew Smith for winning!  Thanks so much to Donna V. and the rest of The Rooms staff for their support.  More highlights from the discussion about The Rooms at the end of this post, but you can also find them on Twitter.

Carleigh’s suggestion is one I want to do sometime, a great location almost at the other end of the country!

The Royal Ontario Museum was mentioned a few times today.  They have some really amazing young professionals philanthropy programs:

Some other things shared around:

So close…

The Room highlights: