**Note: all tweets are still linked to the We the Humanities Twitter account, so the names and pictures will change each week as the account curation rotates to a new user**

Day 3 at We the Humanities continued from yesterday‘s great news: we reached our 2000th follower!  I’m so thankful to have been at the helm when this milestone was achieved, although I take very little credit for it.  The account rolls along thanks to all the amazing followers and the way they share knowledge of and interest in the Humanities.  It is such a pleasure to witness it!

Day 3 was all about partnerships and collaboration in museums.  This is especially close to my heart as I’m planning a thesis on museum partnerships and development associations/organizations.  I’m interested in how museums work together, work with their communities, and work with museum associations to develop the industry, build capacity, and further their causes.

logo_0Day 3 was also the first of our three “sponsored” days.  The Museum of Vancouver was generous enough to support me as first Canadian curator (and the guy tweeting museums all week) by donating two entry tickets to give away.  I tweeted about their From Rationing to Ravishing exhibit throughout the day as well, even though I know very little about fashion (right mom?).  See the end of this article for some highlights of the Museum of Vancouver tweets.  Thanks to Myles C. and the entire Museum of Vancouver staff for their support!  I asked people what their favourite museum website was.  Congrats Galen and Amy for winning the two tickets!

One exciting bit of news was how much news the We the Humanities account was making. Congrats Jessica and Kristina, in The Guardian this time!

This may have something to do with the Twitter account growing by 42 followers overnight…

Can partnerships happen simply over social media?  The answer was, rather unanimously and adamantly, yes.

Some good resources for collaboration in museums came forward including:

One online campaign has people “adopting” museums.  I said I would adopt one, so now I need to follow through.  But which museum?  Hmmm…

I was able to talk both about my thesis research into the topic of museums associations, and my recent trip to the UK.  Always important to keep in contact with the people I made there, and these two easily fit into the discussion.

What about sponsorships in museums?

I took a break in the afternoon to play some ball hockey at UVic (we lost our one and only playoff game, but we had a great time doing it!) and then attended Mark Zeuhlke‘s book launch.

Here are some highlights from the Museum of Vancouver tweets I sent out:

That tweet didn’t have agreement all around, but I think I swayed people to my way of thinking.  That polo shirt…