Hello Twitter friends and followers, and everyone else from across the internet!  This week I’m curating the We the Humanities Twitter account and I’ve got a busy week full of great museum discussions planned.  Check out the schedule below:

Day 1: Education and Programming

Education is a very important role for today’s museum.  Kids, adults, companies, tourists, locals – anybody can learn in a museum or from a museum.  How have you learned in a museum?  What do you think are the most effective learning tools museums employ?  What do museums do right/wrong in learning and programming?  How can museums teach (or learn) better?

Day 2: Community Outreach and Social Media

How do museums reach past their four walls?  Do museums care more for the global visitor or their local community?  What goes into a museum tweet, and does an online presence equal more in-person visitors?  #Followamuseum Day, #MuseumSelfies, @AskaCurator – we’ve all seen the campaigns, but what’s behind them?  Today we’re talking all things outreach, community, and social media.

Day 3: Partnerships and Collaboration

This is especially close to my heart as I’m planning a thesis on museum partnerships and development associations/organizations.  Today I want to talk about how museums work together, work with their communities, and work with museum associations to develop the industry, build capacity, and further their causes.

Day 4: Internships and Professional Development

I’m a student, I’ve been an intern, I will be an intern again!  How can museums foster a new generation of museum workers through education programs, work placements, and PAID internships?  What opportunities exist already, and what needs to be created?  Is it different in Canada than in other parts of the world?  I really want to hear from museums on this one and get the word out for those existing programs.

Day 5: Events

Day 5 relates somewhat to Day 1’s discussion about programming, but what events do museums run?  What works and what doesn’t?  What was your favourite non-traditional museum visit?  How can small museums run successful events without a big museum’s budget?  While we’re at it, any upcoming events you want to share?

Day 6: Exhibits and Technology

Museums today still have collections, and collections go on display in exhibits.  It’s how most people engage with the museum, even with today’s online world.  Right?  …Right?  What has changed in exhibits over the past few decades?  How has technology impacted the way audiences look at (on-site) museum collections?  How does social media come into play?  I’m curious to see if there is a geographical difference (or school) of exhibit design.

Day 7: Recap, general discussion, links and networking

At the end of it all, what have we learned?  We’ve spent a week talking about museums and sharing information across continents, so I’ll recap the highlights, share links you’ve sent it, and we’ll get the old networking machine running before I sign off for the last time.

I’ve got some surprises along the way (dare I say prizes?) as well as links and stories and photos to share with you.  I hope you’ll enjoy this week, and please feel free to go off topic as this is a very flexible schedule meant to guide discussion, not force it.